Free Android Games, that I like to play

Today I like to show you a list of games, that I like to play on my Android:

Simple Puzzle-Game but really addictive.

Medieval Castle Defense
The best Tower-Defense-Game, that I have played on Andorid.

Meganoid FREE
Retro Jump & Run fun.

Move it! Free
Difficult puzzle game, where you try to move block into target areas.

Turn the pipes, so that the water can flow.

Defend your castle against hordes of enemies.

Block Puzzle / Baustein Rätsel
Puzzle fun – try to arrange Tetris-like blocks on a game board so that everything fits well.

If you like to recommend further games, post them into the comments.

Game Development Considerations

If you want to develop a game, you have to think first about the genre to develop the game for. Should it be a puzzle game / board game or an action game? After answering this question you have a lot of follow up questions to answer.

If you choose an action game (Jump&run) you have to take care of a lot more things than in a turn based game. You always have to take care that your programming is really performant, to achieve high frame rates. In a turn-based-game it’s less important as the user usually doesn’t notice if a calculation takes a little longer. A good overview on this topic is documented in this article, which is unfortunately only available in German language: Real Time vs Turn Based Games.

My first Android-Game-Project was such an Action Game. But the performance itself wasn’t the biggest problem for me (after I found some good 2d Game Engines). The biggest problem has been the level design, which take a large amount of time. That is why I postponed this project. After the start phase the level design took up about 80% of the development time.

Sample of my first Project(Graphics mainly from – a really good source for grafics and more)

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Android Game StoneSetter published

Yesterday evening I finally published the first  version of my Android game called StoneSetter in the Android Market.

You find further information about the game on the page “Andorid: Stonesetter” or in the Andorid Market.

If you don’t own a Android device you can have a glimpse at the “Web-Game: StoneSetter” where you get idea on how the game works.

Developing for all platforms by using mobile WebAPPs

An interessting alternative to native app development for mobiles are
mobile web apps. The development is easier, as standard Webdevelopment with
HTML, CSS and JavaScript is used. Android phones and the iPhone / iPad have
already very powerful browsers, so that the importance of this solution is
rising even more.
From the game development perspective, it should be getting more easy to
develop simple games (e.g. card games) as a web-app. In addition to the
CSS3 and HTML5 standard the new CANVAS function provides a lot of new
opportunities. Because of the offline-capabilities of HTML5 even the
offline availability is possible with little effort. There are powerful
frameworks available, that support you in quick development of mobile apps.
I’ve had a short look at the jQuery-plugin  jQTouch which was very helpful.
The jQuery Mobile s also known to be a very good tool, and is worth a
second glance.
The biggest disadvantages of the development of an mobile web-app are:
• The user can access the source code (javascript)
• You cannot access native device functions
• The web apps cannot be (easily) included in the AppStore or Andorid Market

A very good introduction in this topic give the book Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,which can be read free of charge on the following page:

StoneSetterYou can play a simple web-based game, that i’ve developmed in 2009 here:
The objectives in the game is, that you fill a 3×3 stone field with stones
of the same color or form. This web based game is a early beat version, or
more a testing-version and will not be completed. But I’m currently
developing an Android version of the game. The game should run fine in the
Firefox and Internet Explorer 8. It doesn’t make use of the new
technologies, but already shows some of the possibilities.

It would be great to get some feedback from you, if you try out the game.