Geocaching Quiz Template – making better mystery caches

Geocaching Quiz ScreenshotThis time a non Andorid topic.

Are you also tired of solving mysteries, where you have to count characters or calculate more than research?
Here you find an other solution to do a mystery cache. I have build a small PHP-tool, which is used to build an online quiz.

A sample cache using this code can be found here: (DVD Cache)

What’s special about this tool:

The quiz consists of fill in blank questions, which support different spellings or answers per question.

To use this tool you need access to a web server with PHP support, where you can upload the template and your questions. No mySQL database is needed to run this quiz, as I had none available in the time I developed the tool.

Do the following to use the tool:

  1. Download the sources from:
    The smaple can be viewed here:
    Geocaching Quiz Screenshot