Abode Edge: Web Animations with HTML5 and CSS

If you have created ’til now web-animations or browser-games with flash, will run into trouble when accessed with iDevices (iPad, iPhone). A solution for this hurdle will be HTML5 and CSS3.

To support this, a new tool is available as preview version called  Adobe Egde. You can easily create HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript animations with this tool. Since preview 3 it’s even possible to include your own JavaScirpt code, which enables you to establish even more complex developments.

A lot of samples (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/edge/resources/) are available online. The tool looks very promissing. Event the first Game-developments based on Edge has been shown online: http://mediarain.com/edge/

The only disadvantage:
Interne Explorer 8 – which is still widely used – doesn’t support the animations created with Edge.