Free Andorid Game: Stonesetter

Stonesetter for Android
Published Oct.,22nd 2011

About the Game

New Feature: Campaign Mode with 10 levels.

StoneSetter is a cool board based puzzle game. You sort tiles (stones) on a board and try to fill areas with them. You can follow easy strategies and you have to be fast, because the clock is ticking.

Your target ist to fill as many areas as possible. Your challenge is to reach high levels and achieve better High-Scores than your friends.

But be warned: You might get addicted.

How to play:
Just drag tiles from the stone-pool to the board. Only tiles of the same color or symbol are alleowd to lie next to eacht other (also digonally).

If a area of 2×3 tiles or a row of 5 tiles is filled, these tiles will be wiped from the board and you get extra score.

Functions in Stone Setter:

  • Campaign mode with 10 levels
  • 7 different Colors
  • 9 different tile symbols
  • A bomb to clean your board
  • Online High-Score-Board
  • A lot of levels with additional challenges like the “special tile”
  • Time limit on each move

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